Illustrator Keith Frawley

Keith Frawley creates illustrations for the children’s media, educational products,  mobile apps, agencies, publishers, and clients from across the spectrum of industry.

As any past client will tell you, my goal is to bring to life your vision. For your project to take on a life of it’s own and flourish. I know the great satisfaction that comes with bringing characters to life and the important role that you play in its creation. I listen, listen some more, followed by more listening. Then we get to work nailing down your vision.

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Keith’s style is very commercial driven and friendly. Mascot design, charts & graphs, installations, POP & package design. After spending many years in agency and design boutique environments, I have more than a working knowledge of traditional and non-traditional practices and applications. All deliverables are supplied in the appropriate format and to spec.[/col][col size=”1/2″ ]


Children’s books and media are truly a labor of love. To engage a child in a way that inspires and feeds their imagination is paramount in every story or platform.
Every illustration for children must not only entertain, but endear your character/story in such a way that leaves a lasting impression on the child for years to come.[/col][/row]


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